Let's talk a little about the history of your band. When did you originally form and is this the original line-up?    

Jimmie & I started WILDSTREET in 2006. He and I still are in Wildstreet. So, yes from a certain perspective the lineup is original. Dominick, Lock & Jonny joined in 2016.

Do you remember how the idea of forming the band first came up?   

Yeah Jimmie joined my band, the band was lame and  so we made a new one called it Wildstreet & wrote great music. 

How would you categorize the style of the band?   

We are 100% New York City Rock ’n’Roll. We are uniquely Wildstreet

What image do you want your music to convey to your fans?  

We are the greatest show on earth!

Who are your influences and how have they shaped your bands’ sound?  

I love all music but here are a few influences:

Prince, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Guns ’n’ Roses, Alice in Chains, Michael Jackson & Gary Moore, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Vamps, Marilyn Manson

Let's talk a little about your latest album what are the listeners in store for with this release?   

A world of rock. Fans best expect the unexpected!

Producers are a very important factor in recording a good record. Who did you use to produce your record?   

Our producer’s name is Kyle Paas. He is a great guitarist/singer and songwriter. He was the right dude for the job. He kicked ass!  Jimmie and I had done many rounds of demos. His job was to get the right performances and get killer sounds, which he did. Jon Kaplan mixed the album (he also mixed half of WS I) and Howie Weinberg mastered.

Does the entire band contribute to the writing process?  

Jimmie and I wrote the songs except for two which were co-written with outside personal. With that said, the songs wouldn’t be awesome without Dominick, Jonny and Lock’s personality, playing and contribution to them. 

Wildstreet is a band whose greatness is the sum of all of us rockin’ together!

How do you feel the band has evolved musically and personally over the last year? 

We decided to learn ukulele

Where do you draw the inspiration for the songs you write?  

Marketing/analysis of current trends and social networks.. We play rock music, where do you think? Lol

How important do you rate the lyrical side of your albums?   

Depends if it’s an instrumental record or not!

What are your current tour plans, if any?   

Worldwide baby!

Describe your live performance for those who have never seen you live?   

Pure Adrenaline

What do you think of the music industry right now?  

I don’t care, I just wanna rock!

Did you find it hard to break into the business and what was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome?  

I never learned to read! 

Tell us about your thoughts on your local music scene?  

Meet your maker!

Are there any new and upcoming bands that you are into?   

My favorite new band is The Starbenders From Atlanta, GA.

Where can our readers find you on the web?  

New Single ‘Tennessee Cocaine:’

Links / Social Media

Album/Single Releases:

WILDSTREET - Raise Hell (Single)

WILDSTREET - Easy Does It (Single)

WILDSTREET II..FasterLouder!


Official Music Videos:
Tennessee Cocaine

Raise Hell "Lyrics Video”

Poison Kiss 

Easy Does it 

Thanks for answering these questions. Do you have any last comments for our readers? 

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