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Interview With Mark Wolfe of Unveil the Strength

Let's talk a little about the history of Unveil the Strength. When did you originally form and is this the original line-up?  

No, there was a different line-up but the timing just wasn’t right.

Do you remember how the idea of forming the band first came up? 

Music is something I’ve always done, I come from a musical family, it’s not something I want to do. It’s something I have to do. Music for me happened as a way for me to cope with my PTSD. Music saved my life.

How would you categorize the style of UtS? 

UTS would be Heavy riffs, big vocals hooks, lots of chants for crowd participation, ripping solos, melody and trying to find away for all of the heavy metal separatists to come together and get in the pit.

What image do you want your music to convey to your fans? 

Something real. It’s the only thing we know. We aren’t a manufactured boy band.I’ve been to war, I’ve been shot at, I’ve had major problems learning how to deal with people, I was homeless for 2.5 years, I battle a lot of physical pain. This band, this idea is 100 percent will so UNVEIL THE FUCKING STRENGTH.

Who are your influences and how have they shaped your bands sound? How much time do we have? 

I’ve always been drawn to bands with big personality frontmen. I personally feel it’s lost these days. Everyone wants to be the grey man. Iron Maiden  Bruce Dickenson for the overtop Melody’s, Pantera Phil Anselmo for raw power, Mike Patton because he’s Mike Patton. I also love Phill Collins and Steve Perry because they write timeless unforgettable music. I can keep going for hours so I’ll stop there.

Let's talk a little about your latest album what are the listeners in store for with this release ? 

As a band we want to take a different approach. We have finished an albums worth of material but we are going to release the music one song at a time. We want to be efficient. There is no point in selling something when you the listener can here it on a streaming service for free. 

Where did record your latest release at? 

We recorded it In Austin Texas at my home studio. We worked with Robert Kukla who flew out from Sweden and currently works at Studio Fredman. We also worked with Sacha Laskow from Canada. The music was then mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd (Architects, BMTH, Hammerfall, Dimmu Borgir.) at Henrik Udd Recording.

Does the entire band contribute to the writing process? 


How do you feel UtS has evolved musically and personally over the last year? 

I think musically we like to get to the point more now than in the beginning and definitely more melody.

Favorite song of yours you’ve written? 

A slow song called “Never Said Goodbye”. The meaning is so powerful and the lyrics came to me in a dream. 

Favorite song of yours that you like to play live? 

“Hells Never Over”

Where do you draw the inspiration for the songs you write? 

Personal experience

How important do you rate the lyrical side of your albums? 

Very important. My goal is to walk the line. Heavy, real, emotional, and catchy. 

Getting radio airplay and support is important for a any band, What is your view on that?  

I think if there is any opportunity to get your music out there you should take it. Markets are changing. Streaming is becoming more popular and companies like Spotify can give bands information that was never available before. People are no longer consuming music an album at a time anymore. They want to hear your song. In some ways it’s gone back to the 50’s and 60’s when people only released singles.

What do you think of the music industry right now? 

I think streaming services are the future. I would like to see Spotify let bands post music videos to compete with YouTube. I think overall with the music modernization act passing and streaming taking over that it can only get better.

Did you find it hard to break into the business and what was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome? 

Biggest obstacle to overcome was myself, still working on it now lol.

Tell us about your thoughts on your local music scene? 

Austin has a legit Death Metal scene. BBQ and Death Metal. 

Where can our readers find you on the web? 


What equipment is the band using and do you have any endorsements currently? 

Matt Snell uses Ibanez bass guitars, JH Audio in ears, Roto Sound, and Mesa Boogie. Andy James just came out with his Kiesel signature series guitar, Dunlop, Boss, and Gruv Gear.