1.) History of the band

1991, Sarcasm Syndrome was founded by Roland (Bass) and Andreas (Vocals). Also Dan and former guitarist Roman joined soon after. First drummer was Jörg being replaced by Gerald in the beginning of 1993.

In summer 1993 there was the most important lineup change for the band so far.

This was the time Petra joined and Andreas changed from vocals to drums. With this change Sarcasm Syndrome's musical style transformed to Epic Doom. 

There was a busy time the following 4 years. On the one hand doing a lot of live work (supporting some major acts like Schubert, Belphegor, Korova etc.), on the other hand also recording various songs for demos (obsessive thoughts) and  samplers 'A god damned city' + 'Hardboiled'.

In 1997 some dark clouds arose upon the band leading to a whole breakup of the band.

In March 2017 Sarcasm Syndrome officially celebrated their reunion at the Alpine Steel festival. New guitarist Matthias joined the band (substituting Roman) and so the new lineup was fixed. Besides playing several live concerts in Tyrol and Austria the band also recorded the song 'Cthulhu' in February 2017 which achieved to be cult in scene in very short time. In summer 2018 recordings for the new LP started. Release of Thy Darkness May 3, 2019

2.) Image and influences:

When Petra joined in 1993 this also had an impact on the influence. She shared her favorite bands like Candelemass, Solitude Aeturnus etc.. with the rest of the band and we fell in love with this music.Remember, this was pre internet era  and finding new bands to listen to was not that easy..

Regarding our image, well there was no intention to have a specific image. It just developed…

3.) Latest album. Thy Darkness

Well, in fact “Thy Darkness”  is our first full length album. Like mentioned before we made (cassette) demos and appeared on samplers in the 90ies..

The album is a mix of old and new songs and actually shows more than 25 years of Sarcasm Syndrome and Epic Doom. It was recorded at Mirror Productions here in Innsbruck. Roland (bass) did the recording and mixing, so it is really self-made..

On the Vinyl all songs are by Sarcasm Syndrome. The CD includes a bonus-track. This is an old classic called Mirror-Mirror from Candlemass.

4.) Inspiration for the composing/writing and importance of lyrics

At the moment we got two different composing ways. On one hand Daniel or Roland already create a nearly finished song structure to a rehearsal where we work as an whole band on it, on the other hand we do the traditional composing in rehearsing room style. Second one is the most organic way, but also time consuming. We love both of them.

Concerning the lyrics we focus on traditional Doom themes like darkness, despair and also a bit fantasy, but still we live in a real world with real problems.

So very often we reflect the reality in a metaphors.

5.) Plans and live performance

At the moment we do not have any tour dates, but we are working on that. To be honest, as we are all working nine to five, upcoming  concerts will take place on weekends.

Our live performance is driven by the joy of making music and joy of being back on stage with Sarcasm Syndrome. Our music is the central thing and not any kind of “special” show like “modern” bands do.

6.) Music industry, business 2019

A lot changed since the 90ies. In those days kids invested their pocket money to buy music. We were like all kids back then. We played concerts, supported other bands, bought their records.

We had to do something to “find” good music. As mentioned, no internet…

Today as we all know, streaming is the common way to “consume” music. The god thing about Metal is, that the fans still buy CD´s and Vinyl. That is the reason, why we made both.

It is also possible to stream and download our album.

7.) Local music scene

There are a lot of good bands in Austria, also in Innsbruck our home base. Insanity Alert are one of the most successful bands coming from Innsbruck right now.

In Austrian there are also very good Doom- bands, like Jack Frost and Angor.

8.) Social media

This is totally different like in the old days. It is a lot easier to gain popularity, if you rate “likes” as popularity;-)

Actually it helps a lot. This interview is the best example. Without social media we would have probably never “met”..