ITN Magazine: Let's talk a little about the history of your band. When did you originally form and is this the original line-up?

Fire Follows: The band is actually just me. I write, play and produce all elements of the music.

ITN Magazine: How long after you formed was it until you played your first live show?

Fire Follows: I’m actually in the process of putting a group together to begin touring, hopeful it will all be ready in the next couple months.

ITN Magazine: How would you categorize the style of the band?

Fire Follows: I’ve always considered in “Heavy Melodic Rock”. It’s heavy enough to play with most metal bands, and not seem out of place, but definitely has more of a singing driven, melodic focus.

ITN Magazine: What image do you want your music to convey to your fans?

Fire Follows: I want it to be as raw and relatable as possible. I’ve had a hell of a time getting to this place in my career, and I want people to be inspired by the music. It isn’t particularly angry or dark, but it is very intense.

ITN Magazine: Who are your influences and how have they shaped your bands sound?

Fire Follows: I always say I have 4 main ones, and the fifth is kind of a revolving door. They are Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Flaw, and Trapt, (the fifth right now is Slaves b/c Johnny Craig is a monster). Each has influenced me in a different way, BB and Trapt from a songwriting/holistic standpoint, Flaw for the lyrical content, and Brent Smith from Shinedown is the best in the biz IMO.

ITN Magazine: Let's talk a little about your latest album what are the listeners in store for with this release ?

Fire Follows: I hope they’re in store for something they’ve never quite seen/heard before. Like I said earlier, I play/produce all elements, so that’s pretty unique within the genre. I like a lot of different types of music, from Ed Sheehan to Country, and a lot in between. I really do use elements from everything when writing and creating my material. I hope it’s melodic and hooky enough for the more casual listener, yet edgy enough for the metal community to get behind as well.

ITN Magazine: Where did record your latest release at?


Fire Follows: At my home studio.


ITN Magazine: How do you feel you have evolved musically and personally over the last year?


Fire Follows: Quite a bit. I think I’m really finding “my sound” as a lot of people would say. At the end of the day, everything I write starts out as a piano/acoustic piece, and evolves into the heavy rock, sometimes orchestral songs.

ITN Magazine: Favorite memory from a show you’ve played or a place you’ve traveled to?


Fire Follows: I’ll circle back to this one in a year once we have some touring under our belts.


ITN Magazine: Favorite song of yours you’ve written?


Fire Follows: This honestly changes like the wind for me, but at the moment, it’s Loaded Gun… just because it’s gaining so much traction.


ITN Magazine: Where do you draw the inspiration for the songs you write?


Fire Follows: Obviously drawing on life experiences is key, but I try to capture moments. 3 minute songs are often born and written from just one brief moment or thought. Bottling that up and putting it to music is everything.


ITN Magazine: How important do you rate the lyrical side of your albums?


Fire Follows: 10/10


ITN Magazine: What are your current tour plans, if any?


Fire Follows: I’m hoping to have something in place late summer 2019.

ITN Magazine: Getting radio airplay and support is important for a any band, What is your view on that?


Fire Follows: It’s incredibly important. The exposure is obviously huge, but beyond that, it’s the validation that really helps. If a listener hears or knows that you are on radio, I think they believe the music is worth being there.


ITN Magazine: Do you see as we do that most local radio rarely support the up and coming new bands and even more local bands just starting out?


Fire Follows: Yes and no. I guess I’m fortunate in that I have KILO in my hometown of Colorado Springs, and they are super supportive of local acts. I think what’s probably tough for most stations is that the local scene may be producing music that just isn’t radio ready, and at the end of the day they have to spin material that’s going to appeal to their audience.

ITN Magazine: What do you think of the music industry right now?


Fire Follows: Its fucking weird lol. But for real, it’s like anything… technology is ever changing, and musicians will have to continue to be creative and adaptable. I try not to think about stuff like that too often, and just produce the best content I possibly can.

ITN Magazine: Did you find it hard to break into the business and what was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome?


Fire Follows: Breaking in was definitely a challenge, but my biggest obstacle was paralyzing my voice a decade ago, and having to go through all the surgeries and rehab to get it back. Compared to that, everything has been pretty simple haha.

ITN Magazine: Tell us about your thoughts on your local music scene?


Fire Follows: Because I’m not playing out at the moment, I’m not super plugged in, however I have seen a couple bands that I think are pretty awesome, and certainly could be openers on big tours/festivals. Live shows are all over the map. Sometimes it can feel like a high school battle of the bands, and other times you’re like holy shit, these guys are rad.

ITN Magazine: Are there any new and upcoming bands that you are into?


Fire Follows: Check out The Endless Line, they are in Colorado Springs with me, but they’re awesome.


ITN Magazine: How has Social Networking (Facebook,Twitter, etc.) impacted your band?


Fire Follows: If I could be off social media I would lol, but unfortunately, that’s not realistic. It’s obviously super helpful in terms of networking and acquiring new fans, but it’s just a disingenuous shit show to me.


ITN Magazine: Where can our readers find you on the web?


Fire Follows: The website is www.firefollows.com, otherwise I’m on iTunes, Facebook, Spotify, IG, YouTube and all other major streaming platforms


ITN Magazine: What equipment is the band using and do you have any endorsements currently?


Fire Follows: Korg Keys, ESP LTD Guitars, just got a Kemper Profiling Amp that’s pretty killer… I do powerlifting stuff, so I’d really like a sponsorship from No Bull Shoes, but they haven’t called back yet haha.


ITN Magazine: Thanks for answering these questions. Do you have any last comments for our readers?


Fire Follows: I just really hope you guys enjoy the album and debut music video for “Loaded Gun”, and please reach out to me at info@firefollows.com anytime.