Dopesick Guitarist Adam Albright

Devin Lebsac - Drums

Jonathan Russell - Vox

Josh Chastain - Bass

Adam Albright - Guitar

Let's talk a little about the history of the band. When did you originally form and is this the original line-up?

Dopesick Originally formed in 98 right after I got outta Prison .. This story is out there already but after Skinlab And Prison I started doing Dopesick !! I played W Sebastian Back for a Little bit and Wrote Angel Down w him ( which was basically a Dopesick song w Sebastian singing in it). I stopped Dopesick for a long time and didn’t think I'd do it again but then in 2015 my Dad committed Suicide and I needed a place to go ( mentality and emotionally) so Dopesick was the place I went!!

How did you end up signing with EMP Label Group?

I got hooked up with EMP LABEL GROUP through my Manager Dave Chavarii ( Ill Nino , Terror Universal, ) They put out the EP in 2017 "The Love And Terror Cult" and now they are putting out the Full Length "A VIOLENT HAPPY PLACE" its coming out in March of 2019 I think, if Not sooner.

Tell us about the band’s name?

The name Dopesick came up in Prison. My cell mate was a drug addict and always saying he was a down freak, a doper, he was actually Dopesick. So from that and the 2 words are cool Dope and Sick so...

What is your latest album and why should people buy it?

The New Record is called A Violent Happy Place and you answered this for me when we were texting at some point. You said it was different, sounded Very Real and Dopesick does what we want. We don’t follow what's trendy or cool for the year!! I write from a pure place to me. It's honestly how I feel that day as to what I write. That's why there is Reggae, Punk, Metal, Rock and Electronic stuff. I just wanna make music that makes people feel, if i can not. So why should you buy it? Cause its fucking Good

Where did record your latest release at?

We Recorded both the Ep The Love and Terror Cult and the Full Length A VIOLENT HAPPY PLACE at Pawnshop Studios in Van Nuys Ca with Patrick Burkholder and Eddie Wohl ( Ill Nino Anthrax Fuel Smile Empty Soul ) I love working there Patrick is Awesome and Eddie lives right down the street so it's easy for him to get there. Patrick and I have worked together for a few years now and its a cool, easy place to work for me!!

Tell us about your experience in the studio recording the new record?

I've recorded in a bunch of different places ( Sound City w Sebastian was a really cool one ) but I get my sound when i work w Patrick at Pawnshop! I'd go back and forth working on this record cause I used 3 different drummers Aaron Rossi ( Ministry , Prong , John 5 ) on The EP and a few songs on the New Record. Josh Skibar on a couple and then I found Devin Lebsac and he finished the Record with me and is now a Full Time Dopesicker. Devin is really good and easy to work with.

Does the entire band contribute to the writing process?

I write the majority of the music because it's my baby, but now that Jonathan Russell is involved and singing, he writes all the lyrics and I write the music ... He writes really cool lyrics to me and he can chameleon to any style and that's what I needed. As a singer he can do anything I throw at him.

How do you feel the band has evolved musically and personally over the last year?

The band has evolved musically because I write with these guys now , the EP was just me and my vision on A VIOLENT HAPPY PLACE Jon wrote , Eddie was involved, Devin was involved so I listened to their opinions and stuff but we've toured a little together we've known each other now for a year so it's starting to feel comfortable.

How would you categorize the style of the band?

I'm not sure what people call Dopesick? I'll call it .. Rock Punk Metal Reggae Acid Rock Hippy Shit.

How important do you rate the lyrical side of your albums?

The Lyrics are Very important too me!! Stupid lyrics suck, I don't like humor in music this shit is important to me!! So to have Jon's Lyrics I'm stoked, I like when your rockin' some shit and it's totally the wrong lyrics, but your just feeling it and rockin'!! Until I had to write the lyrics for the new record I didn’t know them all and I was singing the wrong words, but I was feeling it. Jon writes really cool shit!!

Describe your live performance for those who have never seen you live?

A Dopesick show for people who haven’t seen us is A lot of Energy Aggression The new set is fun to play for me!! Devin's drum spin and shit ! You know Rock n Roll shit.

Do you have any plans to tour anytime soon?

We're playing 1 more show this year Dec 4 at The Rainbow in Hollywood!! That is my favorite place to drink so it was cool to get to play here!! I don't have to go far to my bar, but start of 2019 we are planning on the mid west for a little tour and try and do as much as we can next year for the New record.

What equipment are you currently using and do you have any endorsements?

I've ALWAYS used Marshall Amps, Gibson and Esp guitars, Dunlop Strings and Pics, Intune Guitar pics, Spectraflex cables, Spezel tuners. These companies rules and that's the stuff I use!! Boss pedals, all kinds of pedals.

Tell us about your thoughts on your local music scene?

The local Hollywood music scene? A lot of people bitching about people not supporting the scene. There are some killer bands out here but man people are a trip! Blaxmath and Still Not Dead we played with not long ago, they were cool! Bad Wolves, I don't know many local bands. Hollywood is kinda who ya know, who wants to look cool.

Looking back over your career thus far, is there one event or experience that stands out to be the most memorable to you?

I've answered this one many times but still the first time playing New York City was the shit! It was in Skinlab, Paul was my best friend, I had been outta prison 3 weeks But i looked over , Steve was off the ground, Scotty was flyin' and I was up there somewhere. Just a cool time! I've had hella good times and memories but that one was my favorite! And me and Steve couldn't stand each other but, it was still good.

Where can our readers find your band on the internet?

You can find Dopesick on ALL social media platforms - Dopesick1.com -, Instagram: Dopesickofficial - Facebook: wearedopesick

There's a Twitter also but I;m probably not allowed on there.

Thanks for answering these questions. Do you have any last comments or words of advice for aspiring musicians and people trying to get into the business?

Anybody who wants to be in band and play music make sure this is what you wanna do. Never give up, Never let anyone change your mind. BE YOURSELF! Don't follow by the time your following that shit is already over. Just be Yourself!!!!!

Thank you for doing this interview with me. Hope you guys had fun and check out the New Record.