ITN Magazine: Let's talk a little about the history of your band. When did you originally form and is this the original line-up?

COS: Hi, this is Jerry Lovett, singer/guitarist for the band. Thanks for having us on! The band formed in the summer of 2013. The line-up is all original except for our drummer, Nate Bid, who joined in March of 2019.

ITN Magazine: Do you remember how the idea of forming the band first came up?

COS:  I got turned onto doom metal in 2011 and fell in love with it. It was really great seeing a younger generation continue on with the vibe of the stuff I grew up with. In 2012 I started writing 4 songs to record as just a recording project in this style. We never intended to be an actual band, but things clicked, we continued on and here we are now.

ITN Magazine: How long after you formed was it until you played your first live show?

COS: It was about 3 years. Our self titled EP came out in 2014, however we waited until were done writing our first full length album until we started playing out. Our first show was in September of 2016

ITN Magazine: What are your memories of the performance?

COS: It was a really small club in Cincinnati called Rake's End opening for a touring band from Alabama. We played on the floor in the corner of the bar, people had to walk through us to go to the bathrooms (laughs)

ITN Magazine: How would you categorize the style of the band? 

COS: We are considered traditional doom metal.

ITN Magazine: What image do you want your music to convey to your fans?

COS: Dark and heavy, but nothing negative in our message. Yes, our songs are about the occult, but not in the sense of pure evil, more of using the energies that be to transform ourselves into something better.

ITN Magazine: Who are your influences and how have they shaped your bands sound?

COS: Our music was shaped by those who came before us. Zeppelin, Sabbath, Hendrix, Priest, Maiden, etc. All those who pioneered heavy music from the late 60's through the early 80's.

ITN Magazine: Let's talk a little about your latest album what are the listeners in store for with this release ? 
COS: Our new album is heavier than our last, but yet more refined in our style. There quite a mix of old school metal stylings you can find in it. We have come into being with this album.

ITN Magazine: Where did record your latest release at? 

COS: We recorded it at Candyland Studio's in Ludlow, KY. It's owned by Mike Montgomery and is one of the cities best studio's to work at.

ITN Magazine: Producers are a very important factor in recording a good record. Who did you use to produce your record?

COS: We produced our new record, but Mike had a large part in that. He is an excellent sound engineer who was able to make us sound like we wanted, but also would tell us if something just wasn't working and offered alternative suggestions.

ITN Magazine: Does the entire band contribute to the writing process?

COS: I've written all of the bands material except for one song off the new album called The Mirror, which the music was written by our bass player, Joe Owen and the lyrics by me. 

ITN Magazine: How do you feel the band has evolved musically and personally over the last year?

COS: We've really grown together in this band and have started to fine tune our shows and recordings. The longer you are together the more your minds start function on the same wave lengths. You also learn the strengths and weaknesses of the band, which helps in this fine tuning process.

ITN Magazine: Favorite memory from a show you’ve played or a place you’ve traveled to?

COS: We just got back from playing the Doomed and Stoned Ohio Fest, which we also played last year. It's a 2 day event in Canton Ohio which features bands from Ohio and the surrounding areas along with a few national touring bands. There is so much talent on this festival and it is such a joy to be part of, it is definitely an event we love!

ITN Magazine: Favorite song of yours you’ve written? 

COS: Wow, that's really hard to say. New songs replace old songs and you'd always like to think the new ones are better, so I think I would really have to look back after a few more years to answer that one.

ITN Magazine: Favorite song of yours that you like to play live?

COS: Tunnels of Set off the Ascension album has been a staple of our live set since we started playing out. I'm really looking forward to playing the new stuff live though.

ITN Magazine: Where do you draw the inspiration for the songs you write?

COS: The occult plays a large part. Though seen by many outsiders as a representation of evil, it's more to me about working with nature and the energies that surround us in all of life and in our minds. There is darkness in it, but there is darkness in life. To work with this darkness is to bring it out and understand it, use it to better yourself instead of suppressing it where it ultimately does you more harm. To truly grow you need to understand yourself, warts and all.

ITN Magazine: How important do you rate the lyrical side of your albums? 

COS: They are very important. It conveys the message the band is trying to get across, whether it's fiction/phantasy or real life issues.

ITN Magazine: What are your current tour plans, if any? 

COS: Last year we played regionally a bit more than locally. Our goal once the new album comes out is to expand that range and play more shows than ever before.

ITN Magazine: Describe your live performance for those who have never seen you live?

COS: Our live show is heavy, but with a nice mix of energy. While most of our songs are mid tempo, they are moving and not something to nap too.

ITN Magazine: Getting radio airplay and support is important for any band, What is your view on that? 

COS: Our genre doesn't really get much radio play other than mostly internet radio shows featuring said genre. It's always great when we are played on radio though no matter what forum of it it's on.

ITN Magazine: Do you see as we do that most local radio rarely support the up and coming new bands and even more local bands just starting out?

COS: One of our local stations does have a local show, but it's late at night on a Sunday, so I'm not sure how many people actually get to hear it. Any help you can get though is good! I wish it was different and the locals focused on some of the local bands more, but it's just not that way.

ITN Magazine: What do you think of the music industry right now?

COS: It's a hard place to get going. Rock bands really don't get as much attention any more with major labels. Plus with so many ways to stream music, it's hard to get people to buy your product. the landscape of the industry has definitely changed in the last 10-15 years. You just have to work harder to get yourself out there.

ITN Magazine: Did you find it hard to break into the business and what was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome?

COS: It was, but you have to do it because you love it and have a passion for it. You have to invest a lot of your time, money and energy into it with no promise of it ever turning out. Even though we have been signed to Black Doomba Records, there is still a ton of work that needs to be done for us to reach our goals.

ITN Magazine: Tell us about your thoughts on your local music scene? 

COS: The Cincinnati scene is more indie rock based, so being a metal band isn't always something looked at in a positive way around here. Luckily we do have a few supportive venues, but there's not many bands in town for us to play with, so we mostly bring in regional acts. Larger touring bands skip us too, so chances of getting opening slots with them are few.

ITN Magazine: Are there any new and upcoming bands that you are into? 

COS: We had a chance to play with some really good acts like Wolftooth, The Hazytones, Doomstress, and so many others its impossible to mention them all. The doom/stoner scene is bursting with great bands right now!

ITN Magazine: How has Social Networking (Facebook,Twitter, etc.) impacted your band? 

COS: It's greatly impacted us. It allows you to get your music to people who may never get a chance to hear it or see you play. I put our first EP on Bandcamp for free with no advertising or anything. Within 6 months we had reviews and emails from people all over the world about it. When people hear something new they like it gets posted on social media and that's a great way to spread your name.

ITN Magazine: Where can our readers find you on the web?

COS: we can be found at www.cultofsorrow.com , https://cultofsorrow.bandcamp.com/ , https://www.facebook.com/cultofsorrow/ , we also have Twitter and Instagram accounts

ITN Magazine: What equipment is the band using and do you have any endorsements currently?

COS: We have no endorsements right now. We use Marshall, Peavey, Ampeg, Gibson, ESP and Fender.

ITN Magazine: Thanks for answering these questions. Do you have any last comments for our readers? 

COS: Thank you for having us! Our new album, Invocation Of The Lucifer, comes out September 20th on Black Doomba Records. If you are into some old school metal with a dark vibe, then check us out. You won't be disappointed!