September 16, 2019

Kansas Crossing Casino

Photos and Review by Dorothy Turner 

Thank you so much to Kansas Crossing Casino, Buckcherry and their management team for a wonderful evening. 

I was informed tonight that I have seen Buckcherry perform live 13 times now.

I keep coming back because they keep me coming back, for the past twenty years. When Buckcherry drops a new album, you can be sure it will be worth the wait for certain to see them perform live, once again. It was crazy meeting Josh after all this time listening to him for the past two decades. I definitely had a slight fan girl moment for sure, lol. Believe me when I say whether you listened to them from their album in 1999 or if you just became a fan from their new album, you will leave smiling and energized, after watching this bands live performance. 

Here are just a few highlights from some of my favorite songs of the evening.

Kicking the night off with a cover of Nine Inch Nails's: Head Like A Hole, the crowd took no time exploding in a rage all around me. What a great cover to get the fans ready for the evenings show. I found myself headbanging along between taking shots in the pit. A definite fan favorite for so many attending, besides myself.

Taking things a little slower and playing Radio Song had me swaying back and forth with the crowd, peacefully. Mid song, Josh, shed the shirt and the girls began to swoon and whistle all around me. I have been watching that man perform for 20 years, it's amazing how he seems to of never aged a moment physically, throughout them all. 

I knew when I saw Jimmy Ashhurst step forward and let out a puff of smoke up in the air, what song would be playing next for us. LIT-UP! Stevie D's solo ending to this song was such a delight to watch. He is truly an incredible guitarist, for those of us who enjoy watching the fingers dance up and down the fret board by a talented performer! 

A song not on this setlist that was a request from a fan on the front row was Footloose cover by Kenny Loggins. As the drums began, in came the guitartist, Stevie while Josh took off dancing across the stage. Who couldn't help but sing along to that song at that point? I know I was impressed by the fact the band did not plan to cover this song for this show. Thank you for that one guys. It was so cool!

When Josh asked the crowd how many long term lovers were in the crowd, my hand went up in the air. As lovers all around me grabbed each other in an embrace the song Sorry captivated every single couple in the venue, including me.

The icing on my cake was listening to Crazy Bitch, the crowd definitely waited for that one for certain, as so did I! I believe the attendance was equivalent to any weekend show, which I have attended for months now, and on a Monday at that. It goes to show you how wonderful this band is, to so many old and new fans. This song was the most explosive songs of the entire show. Every face I looked at was caught singing to that one, along with me! What an incredible show, yet once again!  

Pittsburg, KS setlist:

Head Like A Hole



Radio Song


Rescue Me

Right Now


2 Drunk


Tight Pants

The Alarm

Crazy Bitch

Say Fuck It

Setlist: Donnie Poulson, thank you for this buddy! See ya on the rail at the next show!

Get out and occupy a venue near you and check out why Buckcherry has rocked us for so many years. You will be so glad you did! I sure am! Catch Buckcherry, live on tour now, and see for yourself! I'm ready for show 14 already, lol!